Rotvälta, Swedish folkmusic
Rotvälta is Susanne Rosenberg (voice), Sven Ahlbäck (fiddle), Mikael Marin (viola) and Mats Olofsson (cello). How did it all start? - Well Susanne and Sven has played together since 1980 (in groups GRANNLÅT and KVICKROT) and Sven and Mikael started to play together in 1987 in a theatre production of ”Cyrano de Bergerac”. So in 1988 it was time to form ROTVÄLTA for the specific musical direction that significe the music and taste of the musicians of Rotvälta, (Mats joined in 1995).

The music of ROTVÄLTA can be described as modal, riff based, ornamented, with blue notes, heavy towards Hendrixs, Bartok and still meditativ an soft as dawn.

Until today the group has only released two albums "Hemlig stod jag" (1991) and "i Österled" (1995) - but even so the group and its music have influenced other musicians and young generations with their way of playing. And a lot of the repertoir of Rotvälta is played by other groups.

The different members of ROTVÄLTA are all engaged in a lot of other projects all the time but the favourit music of ROTVÄLTA still lingers.....

Soon Rotvälta hope to release their new album "Tjilin". Maybe in 2011.